Sunday, 23 January 2011

Wolves Is Nothing

I know I can score like Stevie G!!!

Ok..lupakan pasal PD sebab sangat penat buat waktu ini.
Time dekat PD pulak la tak sempat nak tengok Liverpool main
dengan Wolves.. Aduh menyesal betul!! By the way,

Congrats to them for winning the away game by 3-0..
Simply fabulous perfomance by Man Of The Match,
And thanks to Fernando Torres too for scoring twice in
the game.

Yes, we need to repeat this kind of perfomance
for the rest of the campaign. I know the fourth place
to qualify for the Champions League is look impossible,
but at least please make us proud with the style of
your game. Keep it up guys!! YNWA

*p/s Can't wait to see Gerrard on the pitch after this...

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