Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Wanna Run, Run And Run

It's been 3 weeks, since the last time I went to exercise.
Oh man, exercise is really important for me.
I can't just stay at home, lean against my pillows and sign in for my facebook and blog.
Or lay down in front of television, watching or gaming.
I don't really into those things, honestly.
I prefer to join strangers and play football with them.
I prefer jogging around section 13 in Shah Alam.
I prefer to put on a pair of roller blade and dancing for the whole night at the Extreme Park.

Macam mana nak keluar peluh kalau duduk terkangkang je bro?!!!

I hate flu, asthma and those diseases that make me suffer at the moment.
Flu really makes me tired, and becomes lazier.
It's hard for me to study and think normally. Everything is in slow motion.
Fuck up !!!
That's true ;The greatest wealth is health. ~Virgil

*p/s Congrats to Lionel Messi for the Balloon D' Or award, but for me it should be Sneijder's..:)

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